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sugarbang at the Flying Moa 7 Mar 2012

Two Lead Singers at the Flying Moa


sugarbang at the Flying Moa 7 Mar 2012

What a cool mix. Remember last time at the Moa we played as a trio with Jeremy, sub lead vocalist? Well this time we had Jeremy and Juliet (our resident lead vocalist) and really had a great time! It was a good balance and we called some great songs off the list.

Bassist Nathaniel even managed to solo only once on You Can Call Me Al. Great work there sport.

The cooler weather brought a few more people inside to watch the dynamic singing between the two lead singers, both powerful singers, and it was fun to watch them work together.

Some other songs to note: a particularly stirring rendition of “April Sun in Cuba” (that song never gets old) and even “My Sharona” went off without a hitch. Jeremy rocked the solo; it’s a hard one!

See you next Friday again at the Flying Moa!

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