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SugarBang poster for our New Brew tavern gig

New Brew was packed and awesome

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SugarBang poster for our New Brew tavern gig

SugarBang poster for our New Brew tavern gig

The New Brew gig was AMAZING last Friday night. It was a singles event and they were definitely ready to party. All. Night. Long.

Now to be fair there was no dancing on tables, but there was dancing, and lots of it. The crowd even obeyed commands to “get more to drink” and cheers to “how you doing out there?!”.

This is even more wonderful when you realise that Rosedale and Pickering roads are deep in the heart of Albany, some might even say it’s hard to find because it’s in a residential area.

But this is not the case! Just get off at the Greville exit, go north on Bush Road, right on to Rosedale and turn left on Pickering at the roundabout and you’re there.

New Brew has lots of parking and drink specials. Check out their website here.

We always love playing New Brew and we’re there next on the 10th of September. Are you keen to see this show? Find the event soon on our Facebook page and RSVP!

We’ve played here before, see the blog post about that gig here.

Cheers, SugarBang

  • Kathleen

    It was a singles event? Ha cool! I never knew… You guys rocked!