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Sugarbang at the Flying Moa 2-12-2011

Flying Moa Was Off the Chain!


Sugarbang at the Flying Moa 2-12-2011
We have to keep up our rep as New Zealand’s Sweetest Covers Band, and we go out there every night and give it our all, and sometimes it all pays off. But we had no idea what was in store for us later on this night.

Rugby World Cup is long gone but this was to be one of the first gigs after the All Blacks dramatic win over France.

It started out pretty bog standard really, we set up our new lights (sweet!) and PA gear and all that jazz and broke right into the usual set of relaxed tunes working into the post-dinner rocking numbers like our new Tom Petty/Red Hot Chili Peppers mashup.

Then it happened. The dance floor got JAMMED full of people! Very cool. See, the Moa is doing this right, after happy hour the tables and chairs get pushed back and the lights turned down low so people are less anxious about dancing. Dancing’s tough when you’re not tipsy and it’s bright as day.

So from about 1030pm onward the night was something special. Are you coming out tonight at Flying Moa? We hope so, because you never know what might happen.