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SugarBang at the Flying Moa 14 October 2011

Flying Moa Gig – Facebook Invites Work


SugarBang at the Flying Moa 14 October 2011

First off, a big SugarBang thank you to all the Facebook fans who showed up to our gig this last Friday! Love seeing Facebook work wonders and do its thing.

We also advertise gigs on Mukuna Gig Guide and Eventfinder so check them out for any of our future gigs. Of course we’ll update the Facebook events page weekly so just “Fan” us and you’ll never miss a gig.

We banged through a more classic rock set, lots of people were wearing black this night, and we unveiled “Another One Bites The Dust” by Queen; what a rocking tune! We don’t play any songs that don’t feel right, and this song is staying in the setlist.

One of my good friends might want us to play her birthday party; will keep you posted on how this goes! Birthday parties and weddings are so festive we love playing these especially.

See you back at The Flying Moa on the 28th of October! Signed, New Zealand’s Sweetest Covers Band, SugarBang.