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27-Jan-2012 Flying Moa Poster

First gig in 2012 at the Moa


27-Jan-2012 Flying Moa Poster

Summer is trying really hard to make a full, strong appearance this year. But it’s not trying hard enough! But, this Friday was warm enough and the sunset was pretty spectacular, really.

So we did something a little bit different: The first set was all acoustic! We banged out a full set of drummer-less acoustic tunes for the dinner crowd. We are making sure not to rattle any plates during the dinner hour. Check out the set list:

  • Have you ever seen the rain
  • Rock and Roll
  • I’m yours
  • Lazy Song
  • Steal my kisses
  • Stuck in the middle
  • Wonderwall
  • Rehab
  • Valerie
  • Rolling in the deep

Sets 2-4 were the full on rocking sets you know and love, was great to have Juliet up front belting them out and the band as a whole wasn’t too rusty even though it had been 30 days+ (and a year, ha) since the last gig.

This Friday we’re back at the Moa, come check it out – there’s always a good drink special to be had.