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sugarbang poster 7 Feb

First gig as a trio – awesomeness

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sugarbang poster 7 Feb

Two weeks ago we had a slight change of plan – we hired a guitarist/vocalist and decided to let him call the songs, and it was awesome. Amazing.

We played lots of songs we had never done before, and we had never rehearsed with this guitarist/vocalist so we are flying on faith that it would work out and it sure did. Get this, we played Paul Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al” (bass solo included x 3, I just couldn’t resist!) and more.

There are those times when you completely break out of the comfort zone and stretch your ears and trust that everything’s going to work out and it certainly did work out. While we missed the fuller sound and fat 3 and sometimes 4 part harmonies, this gig went well.

We’re playing the Moa again this Friday so check us out on Facebook to RSVP!